When designing waiting chair rendering should pay attention to?

by:OUHE     2020-06-10
In modern society, and has a large and small different movie theaters. Although they contain the same architectural elements from the microcosmic point of view, but they are very different, the size of the school, for example, movie theater, opera and so on. Therefore, when designing waiting chair rendering, many specific problems need to be solved. Drama and acting classes are usually part of the school and university teaching content, so the campus theatre is used for teaching is also used to show. Such as concerts, rallies, lectures, meetings, or even exam and sports. However, most schools wanted the theatre has a single function and good technical facilities. The multi-function hall as a common type of a theater in the past, has been unable to meet people's expectations. Not only because of different performance demand is different, and the theater in the form of frequent conversion need to spend a lot of time and human resources, so it's best to consider several scenarios, makes each program can satisfy some conditions, rather than a multi-functional space cannot meet any performance on campus. Studio theatre may prefer like flexible, also may like to have the stage and the traditional theater seats. Each seat auditorium rendering should not only include studio planning, also includes a plane, semi-flexible floor, at least 5 meters high ceiling. Have a hanging above all sorts of lamps and lanterns and various technical equipment of the grid at the top. There is a large screen orbit, if necessary, it can be turned into a black box theatre. Flexible seat system can provide different watch. Some of the more traditional theater space is a fixed stage, can provide better technical support for the stage area. Generally will not have a tower, but there are some manual or electric suspension device, such as curtain, derrick, etc. There are two types of fixed and movable seat. The most common is scalable seats. He can to reduce and make it become a big theatre and flat space or other activities of teaching.
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