White PU seating should be how to clean?

by:OUHE     2020-06-16
The white spots PU seating is relatively easier, so we should how to clean at ordinary times? 1, the common clean, these are for dust, simple besmirch can choose to use dishcloth, and wipe with water temperature is no more than 40 degrees; Never use a lot of water, cannot insolate craze. 2, use detergent to wipe, touch water or detergent diluted in water, and then with a soft cloth to wipe. 3, with toothpaste, the cost is relatively high, so try to use in the place where the stubbornness. Toothpaste on besmear cloth to wipe clean. 4, be, the higher costs, but easy to use, a spray, then wipe clean can. Relatively stubborn stains can be used.
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