Why are seating in children's leg?

by:OUHE     2020-07-03
Small make up is according to some news report in 2010: 'the station naughty when a girl in the waiting hall, leg was stuck in the waiting room of seating, unable to move, the firemen arrived, break open seating will feet out of the girls. Is this: 'according to relevant news about this at that time, the girl sat on the seating to play, suddenly the feet into two runs through the middle of the foot stuck, how also can't pull it out. The girl struggling pain unceasingly. Local firefighters arrived and began to want to use lifting mattress to rescue them, but considering the time is longer, worried that they missed the train, then decided to break open seating. Later, firefighters will seating for emergency break apart, 20 minutes after the small girl out his right leg. Why do such a thing will happen? Be seating clamp is a fireman must be broken apart can be saved? First of all, we want to consider the reason of this accident will happen: ( Image network, it is not our products) 1, naughty children, the parents did not notice the seat plate distance between the two, and cause accident. 2, partial businessman seating design is not reasonable, but small make up think the clamp of the kid's feet the risk is very small. Our products of plate between the common size: small make up put his hand in, is also very loose. If the clamp of the accident, also need not nervous, because seating is not solid die, plate is detachable. If the site can't find the staff to help, you can call the police for help.
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