Why stainless steel waiting chair slip?

by:OUHE     2020-05-29
Stainless steel waiting chair has been the big public space is widely used, such as high MTR station, airport, hospital, etc. Because the indefectible classical style and the high quality material, is the love and like a public seating. But, there are people reaction, stainless steel waiting chair, the phenomenon of the skid. But do you know why stainless steel waiting chair will slip? Among them there are two reasons: first, the plate is too, too smooth, causes the human body when sit on skid phenomenon, sit feeling uncomfortable, like & other; Ge you lie & throughout; , sit not sitting position. However, if this is the new purchase of public seating appears such a phenomenon, then the estimation is the design of the product itself does not accord with human body engineering, lead to this phenomenon. If after long time use lead to bending deformation, seat back can make sit down, need to change the public seats. Second, public seating widget appear skid phenomenon, for example: for a long time use to screw loose, skid, etc. , that there is no solid public seating. If this is the new product, and a screw loose, please be sure to replace the product, or replace parts; If you use time is too long, suggest the replacement products.
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