With kind tablet even seating are there?

by:OUHE     2020-07-06
1, the school classroom seating, the seat is mainly used in the university classroom, university cascade training room can also be called multimedia desks and chairs, its tablet mainly installed in the front row back. Usually this tablet have points fixed type and movable type two kinds. Common material is: use melamine board, thickness of about 10 cm, cut by PVC edge banding, Please contact the corresponding manufacturer specific material) 。 How much 2, training seat, this seat is based on a single main, tablet is installed on the handrail, can be folded. Common material: aluminum alloy support tablet, surface made of nylon + glass fiber according to the ergonomic design, weight 20 kg, some choose wood ( Specific please contact the corresponding manufacturer) 。 3, auditorium chair with tablet, the seat and the cinema seats are very similar, but is to use in some of the more advanced hall, equipped with tablet is in order to facilitate people to be interviewed, notes, etc. Tablet of the main way of folding folding outward and to fold two kinds, common material: high quality multilayer rotary cut birch skin with formaldehyde-free environmental protection rubber extrusion molding. ( Specific please contact the corresponding manufacturer) 。
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