Wooden chair will exist at the airport?

by:OUHE     2020-05-19
Wooden chair will be used at the airport? A lot of parks, community will see a lot of public chair made of wood, you can use at the airport, the station of these places? According to the normal situation, outdoor wooden chair, can be used inside the airport should be able to use, just see whether and whether or not the characteristics of the airport. Like outdoor public seat wooden mostly is a kind of anticorrosive wood. Anticorrosive wood: import: Finland wood, southern pine, red cedar, larch, etc. Domestic: for Russian mongolica natural antiseptic, merbau, hill camphorwood, etc. ; Why do anticorrosive wood can be used outdoors? Standard of anticorrosive wood are dedicated outdoor anticorrosive wood and guarantee in the case of the storm or 20 years from decay, termite resistant, anti fungus, mildew proof. Anticorrosive wood is how classification? ( 1) Super side no section ( A grade) Level 1 less tree section ( A + B) The secondary section tree for articulated ( B) Regular price economical and practical, C) Structure level structure hidden places use anti-corrosion class: A class can be used in the water, soil, or in the concrete. AB can use above the surface of the earth. M class can be used in the water. Park the benefits of the wooden seat: material is wrought iron and anticorrosive wood, sturdy. Seats about 600 yuan or so, the price of the low cost easy to implement. Disadvantages: the height of the seat is not suitable for children to use, hard seat, do not accord with human body curve, modelling is simple, the lack of originality and characteristics. Color the color is not easy to be found close to the environment, lack of sterilization function, not health, not clean.
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