Worry about the airport chair be affected with damp be affected with damp? You do this.

by:OUHE     2020-07-03
As, when 3 - In April, is a wet monsoon rains in the south. Every year at this time, is the most trouble from time to time. Around you are all wet, did not have the dry atmosphere, let people immersed in a bad bad season. This time both in footwear, clothing and furniture, are inevitable on a layer of moisture, and hard to dry. Over time, the object will become moldy state, let a person hard to accept. The airport chair also proves that a & other; Disaster & throughout; 。 So, how to deal with, can greatly reduce the airport chair was moldy situation? Don't look at the airport is a steel chair doesn't get wet, because the southern climate, whenever the rainy season will blow to the south, resulting in the damp, steel airport chair is relatively cold steel is qualitative, when meets the warm south wind, will form a layer of moisture at the surface, don't care appearance look not to come out, but when passengers use, will be the layer of moisture. In order to avoid this situation, we suggest that the indoor temperature is not too low, to keep the condition of constant temperature, low in the case of keep ventilated, open wet function, make indoor dry. And let the cleaning staff to be able to keep steel airport chair please use dry cloth to wipe. Leather cushion will be more apparent when the airport chair was wet, a layer of water on the surface can see very clearly, when meet this kind of situation, will inevitably be the passengers abandon. And if not handled in time, the skin of leather cushion airport chair cushion leather upholstery will be immersed in water, time grows, can produce mildew, although invisible to the naked eye, accumulate over a long period, then it will reduce the service life of the leather cushion airport chair. This time, in addition to keep indoor dry, such as open a wet machine, also must always be removed with dry cloth on the surface of the water, and after the rainy season, as much as possible the leather cushion airport chair in the sunshine is connected fully, make the inside of the leather cushion sponge can be & other; Breathing & throughout; Fresh air, sweep away the kegare. As for the PU airport chair, things will just like leather cushion airport chair, surface will appear clear water, this time will have to be clear in time, maintain indoor dry, ensure that the airport chair is not affected. In addition to the main airport chair appearance, more need to pay attention to the hardware of the airport chair, because when the humidity is unable to clear in time, the hardware will be affected by the moisture, causing rust, that in addition to greatly influence the appearance of the airport chair, or reduce its service life. At the time of spring and summer rainfall is larger, also locked doors and Windows as far as possible, to avoid the rain outside moisture into the interior inside!
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